Coleman EvenTemp Stove with Griddle

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You’ll have consistent heat under one large dish or independently-adjustable heat under three smaller ones when you take the Coleman® Even-Temp™ Stove on your next outdoor adventure. Three stainless steel burners are specially-designed to evenly distribute heat all over—eliminating the need to make burgers, steaks and pancakes differently, depending where they are on the grill or skillet.
The InstaStart™ Matchless Lighting System ignites with just the push of a button for up to 28,000 BTUs of power. Perfect Heat Technology gets the temperatures just right, Wind Block Shields keep the wind from blowing the flames around and the Perfect Flow Pressure Control System keeps the heat steady on each of the high-performance burners. When you’re done, the removable copper-nickel-chrome-plated grate makes cleaning quick and easy. An accessory griddle is available separately.

• Even-Temp™ three-burner design for even cooking throughout
• Make up to three dishes at once
• Three fully-adjustable, independently-controlled high-performance burners for up to 28,000 BTUs of power
• Large cooking area for space to work comfortably
• Easy-to-use, easy-to-clean setup makes camp cooking simple and quick
• Removable heavy-duty copper-nickel-chrome-plated grates for easy cleaning
• Accessible cooktop makes wiping it down quick
• InstaStart Push-Button Ignition for matchless lighting
• Perfect flow system for consistent fuel, no matter the conditions
• Perfect heat gets the temperatures just right
• Wind Block Shields keep the wind from blowing the flames around
• Perfect for camping, hunting and emergency outdoor cooking