Getaway Outdoors Balcatta has an extensive range of camping gear and accessories for your outdoor adventure.
We also stock tents, cooking equipment, bedding, camp furniture and food supplies, so we really are your one stop camping shop.

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This impressive private property is a hidden gem with so much to offer. With its own plane wreck, ship wreck, Hobbits House and cute little pond full of ducks, there is plenty to keep the family occupied.

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Everyone's camping experience is unique whether it be a minimalist, ultra lightweight experience or a full blown glamping getaway. Come in and discuss your camping style with one of our friendly staff and we can tailor an equipment package to suit your needs. We have one of the largest displays of tents and camping equipment in WA so you can fully appreciate your camping adventure.

It is important to dress for your camping adventure based on the season and the purpose of your trip. We have a variety of clothing and footwear to choose from including heat wicking sun protective clothing to thermal, rain and wind protective gear as well as accessories such as hiking poles, gaitors, face buffs, socks and hats. Our range of footwear includes hiking, casual and reef shoes. Come in and see our range including brands such as Salty Crew, Burke & Wills, Akubra, Rainbird, Merrill, Keen, Hi-Tek and much more.

No matter what level of camping experience you have in the great outdoors, we can provide advice on some locations far and wide and the best gear to take to get the most out of your trip.

There is a period during which campfires are not permitted at any time of day or night. Very generally, this period is from 1 November to 31 March inclusive, but it may vary from place to place and from year to year.

Campfire Rules:
Never set or light fires in the outdoors outside of fire rings provided at campsites or your own fire pit. Keep a clear space (at least 3m) around the fire free from trees, branches and camping equpment. Never leave a fire unattended and keep the fire under control at all times. Completely extinguish all fires before leaving an area or going to bed. An ember can start a bushfire. Do not use campfires as rubbish incinerators as plastics release toxic gases when burnt. Beware of hot barbecue plates, coals and hot water as well as flames.

Check with each of your campgrounds before attending for specific fire restrictions constantly. Campfire restrictions can be imposed with immediate effect and without notice at any time or place.  You must always comply with any instructions at campgrounds and parks. At times campgrounds and parks may have to be closed for visitors' safety. 

Collecting firewood, including dead wood and leaves, from parks is not permitted. It provides essential habitat for a host of native flora and fauna.

At most campgrounds you must bring your own firewood, at others you must not due to the risk posed to the local flora by seeds and disease that the firewood may harbour. In a small number of campgrounds a limited amount of firewood may be provided.

Stoves, barbecues and other appliances:
Stoves, barbecues and other appliances powered by burning solid fuel are subject to the same restrictions as campfires:and they must not be used at any campground, or at any time, when campfires are not permitted.

Stoves, barbecues and other appliances powered by liquid or gas fuel can be used at any time, unless a total fire ban has been declared (go to Emergency WA). They should never be left unattended when in use.

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