Getaway Outdoors Balcatta has an extensive range of fishing gear including Rods, Reels, Lures, Terminal Tackle and Fishing Accessories.
We also stock drones for drone fishing and have Hobie fishing Kayaks so we really are your one stop fishing shop.

Catch of the Month - May

A massive shout out to Robbie Riches who caught this Samson fish on an overnight trip down south.

Robbie caught this beauty using his drone, along with a Shimano Grappler 8ft Heavy Rod, Shimano Stella 10000 Reel and 50LB braid.

Robbie is a really good customer of ours and some of you may be familiar with his new online fishing courses Up Your Catch. If you are looking to improve your skills then these courses are worth having a sticky beak and will be sure to help you get a fish on the line.

Well done Robbie. Epic photo!

Our Top Fishing Brands

Get started with Fishing!

We cater for a large variety of fishing applications from beach, boat, jetty, fresh water and even land-based game. We have experienced staff with exceptional knowledge to help you catch your target species!

We have a wide range of branded fishing clothing from Shimano, Penn, Assassin and many others to keep you protected from the sun yet comfortable to fish for the duration of the day. We have long sleeve shirts, Hats, Shorts, head shields even jigging/casting gloves.

As avid fisherman we travel far and wide to catch those memorable fish! Depending on what target species you are fishing for we can give you some advice on when to fish, where to fish and what to use to enhance your chances.

Whether you want to catch a jumbo Tailor on a lure, a whiting on a popper in the estuary, or a spanish mackeral from the cliffs we have ALL the gear for your needs. We carry an extensive range of land-based fishing gear as well as plenty of rigs and jigs for boat fishing.

For beach fishing the general rule is anything 8ft or longer as a starting point. For beaches with big surf you really want to go as long as possible while still being able to manage a good cast. For young children or the vertically challenged then 8-10ft is suitable. If you can handle a longer rod, a 13-15ft will see you casting out towards the horizon.

We have a few good options of drone fishing rigs with some premade for convenience as well as all the gear to make your own. For drone fishing we recommend using circle hooks so that when the fish grab your bait they'll hook themselves. Always make your drone rigs much longer than a standard paternoster rig to keep the bait off the bottom and minimising the chance of hooking up stingrays. When drone fishing try using a grapnel sinker to make sure that your bait holds on the bottom and doesn't get washed into the reef or up the beach.

One of the best lures for Tailor and Salmon would have to be the CID shiverstick lure. Fishing in the ocean i would recommend the 125mm 45g model. Fishing with a lighter outfit you can go for the 95mm 21g model. Other good options are the GT ice cream lures, Rapala X-raps, Halco Twisty's or the Zipbait range of stick baits. We have heaps of other great options that will entice a big tailor to jump on the end of your fishing line!

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