Hobie Side-Kick Ama Kit

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If you feel a need to add stability to your Hobie kayak, you will appreciate the sense of security afforded by the Side Kick ama kit. Great for use when sailing, fishing, standing when sight-fishing, shooting photos! The Side Kick ama kit is simple, light weight and effective!

The Hobie Kayak Sidekick Amas arms adjust the float height with a simple “click-twist-click”, just like a paddle shaft adjustment. Three positions offer you high – medium – low positions. Set the floats high for cruising (less drag) or secondary stability. Use the medium or low settings for primary stability (less initial roll). Set up and use right off the beach or disassemble and deflate to store inside the hull. Then assemble and inflate when you get to your dive or fishing spot. Inflation is simple. Just blow a few breaths into each float through their one-way valves. Valve cap unscrews for rapid deflation. Installs with 4 bolts using expanding nuts.