Alvey V-Slot VS5 Reel

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We are very proud to launch our newest oldest reel, the restomod replica of the V-Slot VS5 2020, and how it was developed.

In January 2020, on the centenary of Alvey Reels, we agreed that regardless of how difficult it would be and irrespective of the obstacles to making some of the old components, that we would rekindle the Alvey Stealth Development Department and have a working prototype of the V-Slot by Christmas 2020.   We thank you for allowing us to share the journey with you.

  • To help celebrate the anniversary of 100 years of Alvey Reels manufacturing in Australia, we decided to build a restomod replica of one of our small side cast reels which first had origins back to circa 1920 and first appeared in the 1937 Alvey brochure 
  • The reel we have built is the “next generation” with the ratchet button moved from the timber back to be located as a sliding mechanism in the metal cross, on the reel backplate.   This is far more stable and ensures no wear with metal on metal movement.   Various versions of this reel were made from 1920
  • The spools on the reels are made from North Queensland Silky Oak as were the original reels in 1920.   The handles are Ironbark timber for long life.   Our very early models had a mixture of timber, Bakelite and Ebony handles
  • The cast metal components have been made using the “Lost wax process” or Investment Casting, to recreate the authentic look
  • While the original reels were made using un-plated cast brass, and some nickel-plated brass which will tarnish in time, we chose to use 316 stainless steel with an antique finish which will remain that way endlessly but looks like old nickel plated brass
  • Most of the metal components exposed are matt finish stainless steel as well, so all the component finishes of your reel match and will last for many years.   The base bolt and nut are nickel plated brass
  • The reels have been lovingly manufactured to authentically represent the original product, with a “retro” modern finish to protect your investment
  • The reel has been mounted in a custom made felt covered base with a clear Perspex cover, to finish this professional display piece and stop all your friends putting their fingers all over it

Thank you sincerely for your support and we hope you enjoy our new reel