Halco Slidog Lure 150 H53 Redhead

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If you’re into launching a lure over the horizon and looking for that bone-jarring, nerve-rattling strike as you rip it back – then look no further. The all new Halco Slidog will be just the ticket.

Halco has developed an ultra tough, sinking, sliding stickbait that is sure to give you a workout from all the GT’s, XOS Mackerel, large Tuna and many others that try to take it home to their trophy cabinet.

Featuring heavily reinforced side walls, Halco’s legendary ultra tough fish rings and Mustad inline singles, this Slidog comes with a bite that matches it’s bark.

Slidog 150 Specs

Product Name Slidog 150
Weight 85gm
Length 150mm, 6 Inches
Hooks # 7/0 Mustad Inline Singles
Applications Casting
Buoyancy Rapid sinking