Ecogear ZX-35 Lure 441

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The shrimp shaped ZX blade incorporates a series of NEW design techniques for superior strength, control, action, appeal and hooksetting ability. Having a wide range of colours with three different sizes and weights allows anglers to use the ZX over a vast array of structures and depths. The ZX range is not limited to size or particular fishing environment and is capable of targeting almost any light game species. A proven fish catcher the ZX represents the ultimate peak in blade style lures.


  • Has a shrimp-shaped blade lure
  • Designed for casting control, action and appeal
  • Designed with special hook setting and snag resistance
Hook Design


The ZX models are all fitted with a radical new unique hook design. Based on a “assist hook” design, specially selected sized hooks are attached with offset hook lengths. The combination of lure and assist hook design provides snag free fishing and consistent solid hook ups even on short bites.

Full Line Up


ZX has four selected sizes, 30 mm,35 mm, 40 mm and 43 mm. Each size has been carefully balanced and fine tuned to provide ultimate action and appeal. The varied line-up allows any angler to quickly adapt to changing fishing conditions for effective fishing and continuous catches.


Length (mm) Weight (g) Depth
ZX 30 30mm 3.5g Sinking
ZX 35 35mm 5.0g Sinking
ZX 40 40mm 6.4g Sinking
ZX 43 43mm 8.8g Sinking