Duo Rough Trail Hydra 220 Lure Astro Redhead

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Long and lean and designed as the ultimate sinking stick bait for large predators the new Duo Rough Trail Hydra 220 is the lure to pack for your next offshore adventure.

Slim profiled and with a fixed weight in the tail to maximise casting performance and enhance its action, the Hydra 220 features a dynamic skipping action when worked across the surface, while a twitch and jerk retrieve will see it move from side to side to enhance strikes.

A hyper-realistic garfish imitation when worked across the surface the Hydra is ultra-long (220mm) in length to reduce fishing swallowing and biting off the lure, while its tail-heavy body weight allows it for long, tangle-free casting on the water.

If you’re looking to call up the predators to the surface the new Duo Rough Trail Hydra 220 is the lure to reach for.   


220mm / 8-2/3in



Sinking (Fixed Weight)


58.2g / 2oz