Bassday Cyrstal Popper Lure 70mm SH-179

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Bassday Crystal Popper 70

Bassday are a high-quality Japanese lure manufacturer producing a range of lures to suit inshore and offshore fishing. The Crystal Popper 55mm has been in the line-up for years. Perfect for anglers looking for a small yet heavy lure that casts a mile with a small profile. They have now added a 70mm version.

This popper is perfect for any angler who wants to cast a lure into a bait school in the distance with a small lure. The Crystal Popper 70mm is made of a solid resin sinking body that casts long and accurately all day. The body is clear and impregnated with reflective tape or glitter to deliver a standout appearance in the water.

The Crystal Popper 70 is 70mm long and strong and dependable. It weighs 10.5 grams and casts exceptionally well for a small lure. It comes rigged with two trebles and is designed to be retrieved along the surface imitating a fleeing baitfish.

Style: Sinking Size: 70mm Weight: 10.5g Action: Surface Popper