Oztrail Halo Headlamp 175L

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Oztrail Halo Headlamp 175L

This series of lighting and power products are designed with output and efficiency in mind. The range makes use of high quality circuits that are designed to get the most out of each watt of power, ensuring that the maximum amount of power is consumed in creating light and not lost in creating heat.


  • Super bright CREE XB-D main bulb crating up to 175 Lumens on high and 10 Lumens on low setting
  • Two red LEDs for emergency or low light uses
  • Run time of up to 106 hours on low setting
  • Beam distance measured to 97 metres in ANSI FL1 standard testing
  • Damage resistant case measured to drops of 2 metres 
  • Runs on 3 X AAA batteries (Duracell batteries included)
  • Weight: 91g