Black Magic Leader Tough Trace 130lb 50m

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Key features

  • Ultra clear
  • Super abrasion resistant
  • High knot and crimp strength
  • Manufactured from Japanese copolymers extruded to the specifications of Black Magic Tackle
  • Packaged in a compact dispenser pack that fits in your tackle box or Leader Feeder and can be re-used as a lure holder
  • Available in 20lb, 30lb, 40lb, 50lb, 60lb, 80lb, 100lb, 130lb, 200lb, 300lb and 400lb

Fishing style

  • Tough Trace can be used for almost any style of fishing
  • Can tolerate punishment from long fights against chafing in fish’s mouths

“It’s a good leader to use when trolling for pelagics and makes a great shock leader when targeting sharks. It has a good mix of abrasion resistance with a bit of stretch, which is what you want in many situations.” – Hooked Up Magazine

“You guys produce great leader. We always run Tough Trace on our lures and Tough Fluorocarbon on our live bait rigs for marlin. You would be surprised at the size of the black marlin we’ve caught the don’t chaff through your 60lb or 80lb leader. A 250kg beast is the biggest on light tackle.” – Leigh Holtsbaum

“Black Magic Leader is awesome. I fish mostly from the rocks and encounter species like eagle ray, small shark, snapper etc. Tough Trace is my choice for leader line and I want to share this with others and let them experience the difference to other expensive leader. – Jeffrey Baun