Yamashita Squid Jig Eginno Pyonpyon 3.0 R08

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Yamashita Eginno Pyonpyon Search

The Eginno Pyonpyon Search 3.5 is the latest addition to Yamashita's range of squid jigs, bringing 'egi' and 'innovation' together. Eginno = Egi + Innovation. The Pyonpyon (Pyon Pyon meaning jump jump) has a number of unique and innovative features, including:

Eginno Lip  is a unique folding front flap which closes on the cast for improved casting distance and opens on the retrieve. The flap creates a unique water resistance, very similar to a prawn swimming.

Eginno Leg Feathers placed along the belly create a natural fluttering action similar to prawn legs while swimming. The combination of the water resistance created by the lip and the position of the feathers creates an enticing swimming action.

Search Rattle The body is equipped with a tuned 600hz rattle, designed to replicate the sound of feeding and help attract interest from surrounding squid. 490 Glow Beads 490 glow is the best light for the squids eye to see.

Yamashita have used 490 glow beads and placed them inside the body of the Pyonpyon jig for a unique glow effect, similar to a real prawn.


Size: 3.0 15g Sinks 3.2 sec./m 

Size: 3.5 18g Sinks 3.2 sec./m

Available in 8 colours.