Hookem Gaff Telescopic 120cm

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Telescopic Gaffs & Boat Hooks

The Hook'em Telescopic Gaff Range allows for maximum flexibility for those fishos that change between species and require different tools for the job. All Telescopic Gaffs are supplied with a standard detachable gaff / or boat hook. In the future you can add extra attachments as you require them.  


Additional attachments available in Replacement Parts


Note: When picking a gaff, always ensure it will fit with the size and space available in your vessel as well as the size of the species you are targeting. 

  • Tech Specs

    Part # Gape Handle (L) Grips
    TELGAF120/8   8x85mm 0.8m - 1.2m 1
    TELGAF240/8   8x85mm 1.4m - 2.4m 2
    TELGAF360/8    8x85mm 2.0m - 3.6m 2
    TELBHK240   8x85mm 1.4m - 2.4m Boat Hook 2
    TELBHK360   8x85mm 2.0m - 3.6m Boat Hook 2