Hookem Diamond Gaff 120cm CGD3/120

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Celebrating 25 Years in the industry with the Diamond Series Gaff.


With the same high-quality finish as the Cast Gaff Range, The Diamond series are double pinned and glued into thick-walled fibreglass poles for strength and durability. Heads are cast and then case hardened high tensile Stainless Steel with a hand-polished finish. Handles are wrapped and bound to ensure a high grip surface under wet and slimy conditions.


Note: When picking a gaff, always ensure it will fit with the size and space available in your vessel as well as the size of the species you are targeting. If you are chasing species that tend to roll and thrash like sharks it would be best to consider a flying gaff instead. 

  • Tech Specs

    Part# Head Size Handle (L) Grips
    CLGD2/30   2” (50mm) 30cm 1
    CGD2/60   2” (50mm) 60cm 1
    CGD3/90   3” (75mm) 90cm 2
    CGD3/120   3” (75mm) 1.2m 3
    CGD3/150   3” (75mm) 1.5m 3
    CGD4/120   4” (100mm) 1.2m 3
    CGD4/150   4” (100mm) 1.5m 3
    CGD4/180   4” (100mm) 1.8m 3