Hookem Gaff 600cm 3pce Multi Piece 8x85mm

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Multi Piece Gaffs

Multiple Piece Gaffs are supplied with a standard detachable Gaff Hook which can also be used with the Hook'em net attachment, allowing maximum flexibility.
This range now has a new and Improved heavy duty joining attachment for extra strength.


Various hooks options are available 


Note: When picking a gaff, always ensure it will fit with the size and space available in your vesell as well as the size of the sepcies you are targeting. 

  • Tech Specs

    Part # Gape Handle Grips Pieces
    MPG030/8        8x85mm 3.0m 2 2
    MPG045/8         8x85mm 4.5m 3 3
    MPG045/10       10x125mm 4.5m 3 3
    MPG060/8         8x85mm 6.0m 3 3
    MPG060/10      10x125mm 6.0m 3 3
    MPEXT150        N/A 1.5m 1 Ext
    MPEXT200        N/A 2.0m 1 Ext