Our Fishing Manager Rob here at Getaway Outdoors Balcatta is going to take you through why we recommends the Maph LED Glow Stick Rot Tip Lights as a must have to your tackle box. 

Here is Rob's run-down on why he loves the Maph LED Glow Stick Rod Tip Lights, but for a quick overview check out the YouTube video below:

Maph have released a range of LED Glow Stick Rod Tip Lights that are truly lighting up the beaches across Australia. Traditionally we have been using the single use powdered chemical glow sticks for many years and once cracked they have a life span of anywhere from 2-12 hours. From experience I've noticed most on the market today only last 4-6 hours before rapidly going dull. Some may last longer but they can be very hit and miss, depending on the brand, the age or even where they are stored.

The Maph range has a few different models with the most popular 2 being the Maph Large Green LED Glow Stick Rod Tip Light and the Maph Large Smart LED Glow Stick Rod Tip Light. They also come in a regular size to fit smaller rod diameters, but the large seem to be ideal for most standard beach rods. They all run on a small battery which can be purchased separately after they run out of charge. You can purchase them in a pack of 2 for around $15 with a battery life expectancy of 20-30 hours per battery, and can be turned off to save battery use for several trips. I have run a few of mine up to around 25-30 hours. These glow sticks can be easily turned on and off for any period of time unlike a powdered glowstick, once cracked they are done for. This allows for plenty of different periods of fishing times, whether its a quick fish after work for 2-3 hours or whether you setting up for a proper session fishing until midnight or the early hours of the morning.

The benefit of these Maph Glow Stick Rod Tip Lights is how super bright they are. They are more than twice as bright as your standard glowstick. Unfortunately the video does not do these glow sticks justice but once compared in real life you can really see the comparison. 

The Maph Smart LED Glow Stick Rod Tip Light model has the unique feature that flashes RED when your rod gets a little bit of activity. This can be very handy when you are up the beach a fair distance from your rod and are able to easily identify some significant movement that is not just your eyes playing tricks on you. Staring constantly at a glowstick can make it hard to tell at times whether your getting a bite or whether its just a bit of wind. Another benefit of the Maph Smart LED Glow Stick Rod Tip Light models is that if your fishing with a group of mates and they aren't using one you can spot out your rod from a mile away, especially once your rod gets a solid hit from a fish. The best part is there is no confusion as to who's rod is going off!

I personally have been using the Maph range of rod tip lights for the past 4-5 months and they truly are a game changer. Recently I was on a metro beach close to home and decided to go for a quick Snapper/Mulloway bash. I got a 3-4kg pink snapper before I headed up the beach trying to catch another leaving my heavier rod in a holder with the Maph SMART LED Glow Stick Rod Tip Light attached. I walked about a 70m up the beach and could still clearly see the green of the glowstick shining bright. After 30-40 mins the glow stick started flashing RED, at first I thought it was just a smaller fish having a nibble but after a few seconds it was still flashing red and I noticed the RED light was getting more and more horizontal. I opened my bail arm and sprinted up the beach. By the time I got to my rod the line was screaming and the fish was well and truly hooked. 5 minutes later i pulled in a 8.7kg Pink Snapper on the beach! If you haven't seen the range of Maph LED Glow Stick Rod Tip Lights yet, do yourself a favour and pop into our store to check them out!

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