Oztrail 5 Watt USB Comet Campsite Light

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An easy to assemble lighting system that elevates the light source, providing ample coverage for large areas. Perfect for lighting up the whole campsite Orr for activity specific use like fishing and off-road recovery. A complete solution with a super bright LED light source with a reflector.

  • Flexible fibreglass pole for raised lighting
  • Aluminium reflector for focused illumination
  • Extra-long power cord for convenient light placement
  • Collapsable and adjustable pole for elevated lighting
  • Sand Spike included for easy off-vehicle mounting
  • Velcro loop straps included for securing
  • Storage bag included for easy transportation


  • Kit Includes:

    • 3.15 m collapsible fibreglass extension pole connected to 4m power cord with USB power connector
    • 700 lumen aluminium LED light
    • Spike holding support
    • 3 x velcro fasteners
    • Carry bag
    • Working power draw: 1.0 amps