Skyclip Drone Bait Release Phantom(3 & 4)

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Sky Clip Bait Releases

Made in Europe this High quality precision bait release mechanism is backed by a 2 year warranty.
Unlike electronic bait release’s, Skyclip’s tension bait release mechanism massively reduces the chance of losing your drone due to reel bind or line snags, and SkyClip is awesome for trawling baits and lures. SkyClip requires no batteries or sensors and works with precision every time. The small size, lightweight, self-contained SkyClip bait release can be used for catching big predator fish from the shore.

By maintaining a drop loop of standard diameter line, the tension force applied will always remain the same during releasing of the baits – This is very important for the Safety of the Drone and if you are new to the drone fishing sport we highly recommend the use of this bait release.