Electric Bike Uni-Ryder

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Uni Ryder

This is our most popular electric bike. Being a low step through it is very versatile and can be used for leisure, exercise and commuting to the workplace. This is a popular choice amongst both men and women who are experiencing hip or knee pain and are finding it difficult getting their leg over a bar on a bike. With its all-road capabilities, smooth, natural pedaling support and upright seating position, the Uni Ryder helps you ride smooth roads, rough roads, bike paths or trails. It’s fun, easy, comfortable and ready for you to create memories on.

26 inch tyres and low step-though design.
36 volt 10amp hour Samsung Lithium battery
250-watt Bafang SW02 brushless electric motor
Disc brakes front and rear
7 speed Shimano gears
All alloy construction
Double wall alloy wheels with stainless steel 13 gauge spokes
Puncture resistance lining and reflective sidewall tyres with puncture sealant in the tube
Gel seat and front suspension fork
5 stage power assist control with speedometer, odometer and battery gauge
Waterproof wiring harness (EN65) for easy servicing
Range per charge of 60km in ideal conditions